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Love Local: Pop Up Shop Event

This past Saturday (April 7th), Pasadena's YES organized an event in collaboration with the NAACP, YVote California, POP (Pasadenans Organizing for Progress), and many other community partners to share local love, energy, and commitment to juvenile justice within our community.

The event held represented the intersection of a wide-range of community values: economic growth, intercultural relationships, social justice, youth activism, and community leadership. By fostering love for each other, respect for businesses, and a commitment to social justice within our community, YES hopes to strengthen a community desire for collective action to convince our council members of the necessity of a policy shift regarding incarceration of juvenile youth.

Special thanks to the vendors and rising entrepreneurs who sold apparel, jewelry, and food at our event: IV WHAT IT'S WORTH, Daz-ling Dezignz, BUILD Apparel, and Tasty Tamales.

For more information and video promotions of the event, check out the Facebook Page: @LoveLocalPopUpShop

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