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Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference

On May 20, 2017, YES took a field trip to the Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) Conference to meet other young adults interested in leadership grounded in faith and philanthropy.

The conference began with a module on helping youth overcome the many economic challenges with which they are confronted, especially in poor communities wherein job opportunities are suffocatingly limited for youth. Throughout the day, our youth group met with different community figureheads from around the nation to exchange ideas regarding youth training and development for positive role models. Speaking with experienced trainers such as Rudy Carrasco, the US Regional Facilitator for Partners Worldwide, and John Liotti, the CEO of AbleWorks, our youth group gained an incredible amount of insight into how we can act as positive role models for our peers.

Please view our vlog of this incredible experience below!!

#UYWI #Impossible2017

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